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Zhang Chengye, whose courtesy name was Jiyuan, was a eunuch during the period of Emperor Xizong in Tang Dynasty. Castrated at a very young age, his surname was originally Kang and then he became the foster son of Zhang Tai—a NEICHANGSHI at that time. When Prince Jin’ troupes attacked Wang Xingyu, a military governor, Chengye was dispatched to visit camps for several times and he was favored by Prince Jin. Right until Emperor Zhaozong was forced to escape from Taiyuan due to Li Maozhen’s reviot of which Chengye was first sent to inform Prince Jin, thus Chengye was appointed as Military Governor of Hedong Dao (similar to province). At the time when eunuchs were largely killed as the local governors were commanded to do so, Prince Jin took pity on Chengye and hided him in Hulv Temple to avoid murdering him. Chengye was released and reappointed as Military Governor only after Emperor Zhaozong died.
While Prince Jin was severely sick, he requested Chengye to take care of Emperor Zhuangzong (此时尚未称帝,何来Emperor?)(Prince Jin’s own son). Prince Jin said, “”Emperor Zhuangzong was very closed to Chengye, treating Chengye as his brother, and he sometimes paid a visit to Chengye’s mother. Zhuangzong’s Kingdom was involved in the wars with Kingdom Liang by the Yellow River for dozens of years while he was in Weizhou, he entrusted military and administrative affairs to Chengye who spared his effort to deal with them. Chengye saved money and food, enlarged an army by hiring soldiers and purchasing horses, encouraged farmers to harvest. Zhuangzong’s victory was most attributed to Chengye. He judged everyone on the law regardless of their power, so bigwigs ranging from Empress Dowager Zhenjian (Zhuangzong’s mother), Princess De, Princess Shu (the above two were Zhuangzong’s concubines) to all the princes who stayed in Jinyang had to restrain themselves due to fear of Chengye.
  庄宗岁时自魏归省亲,须钱蒲博、赏赐伶人,而承业主藏,钱不可得。庄宗乃置酒库中,酒酣,使子继岌为承业起舞,舞罢,承业出宝带、币、马为赠,庄宗指钱积呼继岌小字以语承业曰:和哥乏钱,可与钱一积,何用带、马为也?承业谢曰:国家钱,非臣所得私也。庄宗以语侵之,承业怒曰:臣,老敕使,非为子孙计,惜此库钱,佐王成霸业尔!若欲用之,何必问臣?财尽兵散,岂独臣受祸也? Every year when Zhuangzong went back home, Chengye was always against Zhuangzong’s wills to take money to gamble as well as reward eunuchs because Chengye took charge of national treasury. Then Zhuangzong set banquet beside the national treasury
    Zhuangzong turned to Yuan Xingqin and uttered: "Bring the sword to me!" Chengye stood up, grasped on the clothes of Zhuangzong and cried: "I have taken the trust of the former king and swore to revenge. If I die today for taking care of the money for him, my death is worth the trust!" Yan Bao tore open the grip of Zhang Chengye at the side and asked him to leave. Chengye used all his might to blow him down and scold: "Yan Bao, you, a sworn follower of Zhu Wen, You have benefited a lot from the State of Jin, but you even don’t have a single honest word. Instead, you just try to flatter our lord for your own easy life!" When the queen mother heard the incident, she sent somebody for Zhuangzong. Because Zhuangzong was very filial, he feared a lot after hearing the summoning. So, he poured wine into two cups and apologized to Chengye: "I have lost control after drinking too much and I will be blamed by my queen mother. I hope you could drink this toast and share the responsibility of my fault!" But Chengye declined the offer. Zhuangzong got into the inner house. After a while the queen mother sent somebody with her apology to Chengye: "My son offended you and I have punished him with a whip." The next day, the queen mother and Zhuangzong came over to the house of Chengye and paid an apology visit to him
    Lu Zhi was fond of wine and became haughty and rude after drink. Zhuangzong and some other noble personages had been mocked by him and Zhuangzong became jealous of him and hated him. Chengye suggested when he got a chance to test Zhuangzong, "For Lu Zhi is addicted to wine and offensive, let me kill him for you." Zhuangzong replied: "I am now looking for talented people to help me achieve my goal. How can you say such an improper word?" Zhang Chengye stood up and congratulated: "Since my lord could cherish able people, I think to conquer the world is nothing difficult!" Therefore, Lu Zhi was saved from death.
    In the 18th year of the Tianyou reign period, Zhuangzong promised other generals to ascend to the throne. At that time, Chengye was ill. After hearing this, he asked people to carry him in a sedan chair from Taiyuan to Weibo. Upon arrival, he remonstrated: "you and your father have fought for thirty years with the State of Liang. What you wanted is to revenge the country and family and restore the Tang Dynasty. Now, the enemy has not yet been eliminated, but you are in a hurry to be a self-claimed emperor for bubble reputation. This is not the original goal of you and your father and this will disappoint the people. You should not do that." In reply Zhuangzong said: "that is merely the idea of other generals." Chengye responded: “No. The states of Liang, Tang and Jin are our enemies, and they are hated by all people on the earth. Today, you should first eradicate these flagrant crime culprits to pay off old scores for previous kings. Only after that can you ask the Empress Tang to make you emperor. At that time, who dare to take the throne even if there are sons and grandsons from the Tang family? Who else is able to vie with you for the throne if there is no son or grandson from the Tang family? I am only an old servant of the Tang family and I am single-hearted to see you succeed. When I return home after retirement, officials of all ranks and descriptions will see me off at Luodong Gate, people on the way will praise when they see me: 'This is the imperial envoy of the present dynasty and the army inspector of the previous king'. Are we both glorious?" Zhuangzong refused to listen to him. When knowing Zhuangzong would not accept his remonstration, Chengye looked up and cried: "You take the throne on your own, but put me in ill fame." Then he took the sedan chair back to Taiyuan, died from a fast at the age of 77. In the first year of the Tongguang reign period, Chengye was honored with a title of the Left Top General in Military Defense and his posthumous title is Zhengxian, meaning upright virtuous person. Unitrans世联 翻译公司在您身边,离您近的翻译公司,心贴心的专业服务,全球领先的翻译与信息解决方案供应商,专业翻译机构旗舰品牌。无论在本地,国内还是海外,我们的专业、星级体贴服务,为您的事业加速!专业翻译公司,北京翻译公司,上海翻译公司,广州翻译公司,深圳翻译公司,香港翻译公司,杭州翻译公司,翻译公司收费标准,中国十大翻译公司,
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  • “我行自2017年与世联翻译合作,合作过程中十分愉快。特别感谢Jasmine Liu, 态度热情亲切,有耐心,对我行提出的要求落实到位,体现了非常高的专业性。”


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  • “举世瞩目的北京奥运会,残奥会巳经胜利落下帷幕,贵单位为北京奥运会,残奥会的语言翻译服务相关工作做出了出色的贡献。在此,我们对贵单位的大力支持表示崇高的敬意!”


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  • “原英国首相布莱尔来访,需要非常专业的同声传译服务,因是第一次接触,心中仍有着一定的犹豫,但是贵司专业的译员与高水准的服务,给我们留下了非常深刻的印象。”


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  • “由于项目要求时间相当紧凑,所以世联在保证质量的前提下,尽力按照时间完成任务。使我们在世博会俄罗斯馆日活动中准备充足,并受到一致好评。”


  • “贵公司针对客户需要,挑选优秀的译员承接项目,翻译过程客户随时查看中途稿,并且与客户沟通术语方面的知识,能够更准确的了解到客户的需求,确保稿件高质量。”